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We are a team of Fredericton born enthusiastic young minds setting out to enhance the digital presence of local businesses.

Our Services

Tailored solutions for your content needs.

Custom Websites

Our custom website solutions ensure your brand stands out and effectively communicates your message to potential customers. Your website will be personalized and designed exactly how you want it. Give your customers the best first impression along with all the information they need to be sure you are the one for them.

Search Engine Optimization

Boost your online visibility with our comprehensive SEO services, designed to elevate your website's search engine ranking and drive targeted traffic. Our expert team utilizes cutting-edge strategies and data-driven techniques to ensure your business stands out in the digital landscape.

Business Automations

Lighten your daily workload with key automations to help manage clients and sustain leads. Never miss a lead again with automations like miss-call-text-back! Our automation solutions streamline your operations, saving you time and resources.

Lead Management App

Manage all your leads in one place. With built-in calendar, conversations, invoicing, and more, our Lead Management App keeps everything organized and easily accessible. Improve your efficiency and ensure no lead slips through the cracks.

Paid Advertising

Organic marketing not doing it for you? We provide paid advertisement campaigns for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), social media, and more! We will help make sure your hard earned money is working for you.


In addition to our core services, we also offer a variety of additional solutions to support your business needs. Our expertise extends to branding & strategy, where we help establish and enhance your brand identity. We excel in funnel creation & optimization, ensuring that your sales funnels are streamlined and effective. Our additional services include social media management to boost your online engagement, content creation & marketing to produce compelling and relevant content, and E-commerce solutions to drive your online sales. We also provide E-learning solutions for digital education platforms, mobile app development for a seamless mobile experience, and digital advertising to enhance your reach. Our services in email marketing, analytics, data analysis, and data visualization ensure you have the insights needed to make informed decisions. Whether you require influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, digital PR, cloud services & management, or cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, we have you covered. Furthermore, we offer video production & editing, drone photography/videography, and podcast production to cater to a wide range of digital needs. With our extensive range of in-house and partnered services, The Sons Agency is equipped to be your all-in-one digital partner. 

Meet The Minds Bringing Your Visions To Reality

Driven by a lean but mean team of forward-thinking creatives and tech enthusiasts, The Sons Agency stands at the forefront of digital excellence. We blend cutting-edge technology with creative finesse to deliver customized solutions that resonate with your audience. Our expertise lies in turning challenges into opportunities, ensuring your brand not only thrives but leads in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

At The Sons Agency, we believe our clients’ success stories are our greatest achievements. It’s not just about partnerships; it’s about embarking on a journey of mutual growth and groundbreaking accomplishments. Each client relationship is a testament to our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions that resonate with their unique brand identity and goals.

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Start your tailored digital strategy today with The Sons Agency. Our clear, step-by-step process ensures your brand’s smooth progression from initial consultation to complete digital integration. Book a call and take the first step towards your brand’s transformative journey.

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